Friday, 11 September 2009

Timeless art

Today I went into a local school to help with some wall displays for the halls and classrooms. I worked mainly with Year One, on the way they interpreted  piece of music into art, and then on some more straight forward "zoo" themed displays. I thought the way that the children thought was very refreshing, and though what I created with 7 year olds today, I am sure will win no design awards I feel that art or design which children produce is truly timeless. It has an innocence of imagination that only children can produce, for example one boy wanted to make a space police crown...this was, in our zoo disscution, totally out of context. Though for the originality of the idea we made it anyway. It made me remember that the cleverest or most witty solution may not be the best, some times its good to be just plain weird and have fun with what your doing. Unfortunatley no pictures to add today, but I will be going back to the school so some should be posted shortly.

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