Thursday, 17 September 2009

Ben Tallon

I came across Ben Tallon while reading the Guardian, who Tallon illustrates for. I love his hand crafted style and use of typography mixed with clever imagery to convey oftern controversial and sharp meaning. I like hand draw/made illustarion in design as I think that you can feel more of the personality behind it, there has been real connection between pen and paper and not simple Control Z if a mistake is made. It is perhaps even mistakes that give personality to this hand rendered style. In readin a review of Tallon's work I found that some of his deisgns have been comissioned and produced in an hour, which keeps his ideas fresh and alive. I think you can see this in his work. Though I can't imagine producing something within an hour as I have a great tendency to overthink. This quick style has a great energy to it and perhaps I could try it in future projects.

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