Thursday, 17 September 2009

Product Placement

The Government are considering lifting the ban on product placement, something which in America is already very familiar with and indeed the film industry thrives on. But how will it work in Britain? Casually placed Guiness in the Vic? Perhaps we wont notice, we are inundated with subliminal messages through are tv screens already. In reality TV I am sure it wont make a difference, as I am ore likley to notice the gaint white stickers placed over products, which though despite thier name being blocked out are so obvious that it seems barley worth the effort. Product placment however can oftern be over powering and corny. Though it can give some much needed revenue to our economy is it worth distracting from the message of a film or programme? It is a worry that it will cheapen programs.

This is a clear exapmle of blaintant product placement.
Is it up to designers to ensure that products are not slapped in the face of the viewer. For some it is more a moral desision. For example Quentin Tarantino does not use any real products in his films, and instead makes up products to be placed in his films for example 'Jack Rabbit Slims' cigarettes are an invention of Tarantino. I think these made up product placements are much more interesting than simply advertising existing products, and opens up far more possibilities.

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