Thursday, 17 September 2009

Christmas Terroists

Staying with the Christmas theme, just for now I promise, this is not going to become a blog obsessed with the season to be jolly.

It seems however that there are others which agree with my thought that christmas may be coming to early this year. They are called the "Movement for the Contianment of Christmas" and are apparently based in Leeds. This group has sent threatning letters to charity shops in Leeds with damage to thier property if they sell christmas cards before November the first. One threat is that the doors will be filled with glue if the shops fail to comply.

This to me rings of a fight club type anochy. Normal people driven to extremes by the commercialisation of the world, and in this case a season. Though in theory I belive that christmas should be confined to December this to me this seems somewhat extreme. If it is leading to violence perhaps the card comapnies can have thier day

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