Monday, 7 September 2009

Coat Hanger Dinosaurs

The current window display at Harvey Nichols in Leeds really distracts fro the rest of the windows in the city centre, making the efforts of the likes of Topshop and Debenhams look dim by comparison. I love the way that the traditional wooden coat hanger has been used to create the enormous and complex displays. I feel that this these displays sum up the store well, with the traditional department store being represented by the standard wooden hanger while the modern and intriguing designs created hint at the chic layout and luxurious products inside. Harvey Nichols often use interesting and unusual concepts for their displays, far more interesting than the standard clothes on manikins that other stores offer. It shows that displaying everything in store may not be the best way to sell. Instead they hint seductively at products which are surrounded by intriguing design. I am really looking forward to seeing what they produce for the Christmas season.


  1. Yeah I saw these too; always love the window displays in Harvey Nics. did you see the last ones of animals made from metal sheets? They were beautiful. I suppose such a high-class shop can afford to do stuff like this, and I agree it makes the clothes they do show much more interesting and desirable-looking! I wonder who the artist is...

  2. Harvey Nics always has some cool and captivating displays, something that makes you stop and look, hat's off to the artist