Thursday, 17 September 2009

Disney Buys Christmas

It's offical Disney has taken over christmas. Borris Johnson, Mayor of London has agreed to turn the West End lights on to coincide the relsease of Disney's 'A Christmas Carol'. Yes, the lights are going on crazily early at the 3rd of Novemeber none the less. This seems crazy to me, a company has now bought the right to when we should start celebrating. I am not a religious person, but it seems to me that we have lost the meaning of christmas, surley some of the excitment and magic of chritmas will be lost if we sell it.

We already gave Santa to Coca Cola and the Christmas lights to Disney. What's next? I feel we should reclaim christmas from the companies, and yes perhaps even the advertisers, who we all know thrive on this time of year. Especially now if it destined to start early November. Is christmas becoming too commercial?

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