Thursday, 10 September 2009


Yes, it's that time of year already, birds start to consider forgein climes, trees change subtley from green to red and orange and students visit IKEA. We do this with the vauge idea that it's cheap and we can totally transform whichever hovel we have decided to rent this year with a few "key" pieces. I feel this is especially true for us "designers". I recently made the pilgramige to my local store. But I ask you...has anyone ever managed to walk away from IKEA with only what they went in for? The layout tricks you walking around seemingly lost in a maze of MDF I am always convinced I need something more. The book shelf, those cushions which will match nothing else in my room. I am now totally convinced of the IKEA nesting instinct mentioned in Fight Club.

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  1. I love your introduction! so funny! and I completely agree, I move to my flat soon and have not even made a list because I come out with all sorts anyways!

    Lats time I got a grid of fairy lights...??