Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Cadbury's goes Fair Trade

Cadbury has released a single and music video to accompany it to celebrate the chocolate becoming a completely Fair Trade product. The single, titled Zingolo is made in collaboration with Ghanaian music star Tinny, and the video directed by Ringan Ledwidge, and the video was shot in Ghana. This is because Ghana is at the heart of the fair trade industry, and I suppose this is Cadbury’s tribute to that fact. The project was created by Fallon advertising agency, who were also responsible for the Gorrilla and Eyebrow ads. This video follows the weird and wonderful standard exhibited by the other Cadbury adverts, however this runs just under five minutes. I love the concept that the adverts for the chocolate can be enjoyed just as much as the product its self. This opens the door to imagination, and perhaps the product is secondary to the advertising. With this idea you can do anything… and simply flash the product up at the end, a genius idea.

I have watched the video quite a few times now and though I like it something does not fit quite right with me. It’s great that this massive company has gone fair trade and used the country that inspired that change to advertise it. However, for me, this video is not up to the expected gorilla standards.

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  1. I was also going to blog about this is advert as i've seen it quite a few times on TV. I agree that in comparison to the famous gorilla and eyebrow advert isn't not so random. But overall I love the idea of having a massive head made from from natural cocoa is pretty fascinating and funny.

    maybe Cadbury's is trying to show that they are now a part of Ghana's fairtrade industry and wanting to show a fun, lively and vibrant environment depicting a positive view of Ghana.

    I'm pretty hooked on the song Zingo, very catchy!