Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Jordan gets dropped

Jordan or as she now prefers to be known Katie Price has been dropped from Asda’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign after she moaned on her T.V show that she hated the scars on her own breasts from her bouts of cosmetic surgery. This has caused uproar from breast cancer sufferers who found the comments she made both hurtful and offensive. This lead to her being dropped from the Tickled Pink campaign. One sufferer went event further to attack the phrasing of Adsa’s campaign “Tickled Pink”, saying she was definitely did not find her condition funny. I feel this is a bit extreme as Asda’s campaign is designed to raise money and awareness of the condition and certainly does not make light of it.

Jordan may be forgiven for the comments but firms will think twice about involving her in advertising campaigns in the future. This is what happens when celebrity endorsement backfires, especially when dealing with sensitive issues. However, Kate Moss came back fighting after her fall from advertiser’s grace.

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  1. What I don't understand is why they chose Jordan in the first place. It seem odd to put someone with fake breasts and intentional surgery (with the scars that come with it) together with a charity for women who have been inflicted with illness in that area and have to undergo surgery for medical, not cosmetic reasons. I'm not surprised she's been dropped after such comments, and I wonder what person thought to name the campaign 'tickled pink'. For me this as a perfect example of inappropriate marketing.